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   myOTCstore  myOTCstore Myotcstore com Product Catalog - Nutritional Supplements
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 - Maxi Pads  Sanitary Napkins
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U by Kotex clean wear ultra thin regular wing pads - 18 ea 6 pack
Keeps clean and fresh plus a MicroMax core to lock fluid away and help prevent leaks.
Manufacturer: Kotex Pantiliners

 - Maxi Pads  Sanitary Napkins
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U by Kotex ultra thin overnight pads with wings - 14 ea 6 pack
The CleanWear cover helps keep you fresh and dry
Manufacturer: Kotex maxi Pads

 - Heart Health
View larger image
Ubiquinol Co QH 100 mg softgels for heart brain and immunity building- 90 ea
The comprehensive benefits of ubiquinol also aid the liver brain and immune systems.
Manufacturer: Source Naturals Heart Health

 - Anti-Oxidants
View larger image
Ultimate antiox full spectrum antioxidant protection capsules - 90 ea
Ability to protect both water-based and lipid-based body structures.
Manufacturer: Designs for Health

 - Heart Health
View larger image
Ultra B12-Folate capsules supports cardiovascular and nervous system - 90 ea
Supports healthy cardiovascular and nervous system function.
Manufacturer: Designs for Health

 - Vitamin E
View larger image
Ultra gamma E complex softgels provides expanded health - 60 ea
Gamma tocopherol represents about 70% of vitamin E.
Manufacturer: Designs for Health

 - Protein Supplements
View larger image
Ultra Lemon MSM powder - 450 grm
Great choice for high doses of MSM is desired for its therapeutic benefits in joints health.
Manufacturer: Designs for Health

 - Bone and Joint
View larger image
Ultra-Mag high efficiency magnesium complex tablets - 240 ea
Maintains muscle and nerve function and controlling calcium levels.
Manufacturer: Source Naturals Bones & Joints

 - Moisturising Body Lotions
View larger image
UltraMide 25 Intensive Dry Skin Moisturizing Lotion - 8 oz
Softens and moisturizes very dry rough cracked or calloused skin.
Manufacturer: Ultra-Mide

 - Guards  Pads and Pantiliners
View larger image
Underpad 2-side flannel face with waterproof rubber backing size: queen / king (36 inches X 72 inches) - 1 ea
Under pad 2-side flannel face with waterproof rubber backing size 36 inches X 72 inches provides comfort and is washable.
Manufacturer: Duro med Underpads

 - Protein Supplements
View larger image
Unipro Perfect Protein Vanilla Flavor - 2 lb
Supports optimal absorption and nitrogen retention.
Manufacturer: Top Selling Items

 - Medicated Body Lotions
View larger image
Ureacin-20 cream for softens dry rough skin - 4 Oz
Moisture in the skin to restore its smooth soft supple youthful look.
Manufacturer: Ureacin-20

 - Vitamins for Senior  Aged People
View larger image
Urinozinc prostate formula capsules - 200 ea
Formulated to support normal prostate function.
Manufacturer: Urinozinc

 - Liver Health  Prostate
View larger image
Urinozinc Prostate Formula Plus With Beta-Sitosterol Capsules - 180 ea
Reduces the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
Manufacturer: Urinozinc

 - Urine Testing Reagent Strips
View larger image
Uristix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis - 100 Strips
Uristix Reagent Strips are dip and read test for protein and glucose in.
Manufacturer: Uristix Reagent Strips

 - Urinary Pain Relief
View larger image
UT synergy capsules supports for urinary tract infections - 60 ea
A patented exciting and unique compound designed specifically for urinary tract infections.
Manufacturer: Designs for Health

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